Airy Ventures, After work market. “You can feel me”

Every breath we take in, and out, we take into our body something that is more than just a transparent substance, Its air, the natural element made up of nitrogen (78,09%)  and oxygen (20.95%). While the remaining 1% is made up of argon (0.93%), carbon dioxide (0.039%) as of 2010) and other traces gases ( 0.003%)

Air keeps us living, but nowadays air is in crisis health. Bad air suggests bad environment, and worse, harmful living atmosphere.

Park ventures complex is a corporate that concerns every aspects of living and working in environment friendly atmosphere. the main goal of park ventures  Eco complex as was see is always about aiming to create a green and breathing sport in the middle of the metropolis form the belief that good nature and environment is a big part of good life.

To reflect the green philosophy of part ventures Eco complex’s thinking, of concerning in every aspect of life in natural  environment, air is then become our focus this year, in order to open a new perspective of Eco living…  Concerning the air we breath in no matter we can see it or not and getting to know the air that surrounds us all the time but we might forget to concern

presented By Park Ventures Bangkok and Golden Ventures